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    I am a 9-year old Webelo Cub Scout from Pack 498 in Rochester, MN actively in pursuit of popcorn sales. Follow my journey here and BUY SOME POPCORN (from me, of course)!

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Updating My Goal Chart

Updating My Goal Chart

One of the things that helps to keep me motivated to reach my sales goal is my goal chart.  I can see each day how much I did and how much more I have to go.  It is fun to color it in and see the goal getting closer.


Getting the Annual Customer Letters Out

Mailing Customer Letters


Each year I send out a pre-sale customer letter to all of my past customers.  This is becoming quite a process because I now have almost 700 customers from the last three years of popcorn sales.  It is time consuming and expensive (especially for an 8-year old!), but each year I find that it is worth it because people want to buy popcorn from me again and wait for me to arrive to make their purchase instead of buying from another Scout.  I also think it is very important to let people know that I appreciate them supporting Scouting and want to let them know how the money I raised goes to help Scouting.  I hope you will buy popcorn from me again this year!

Thank You Card Time

Putting the Pieces Together

2011 Thank You Letter

It is time to send out the thank you letters for all of my popcorn customers and it is quite a project.  I like to send them out after the annual Council banquet because then I know how I placed for popcorn sales.  It is nice to spread out my contacts over the year too because then maybe my customers will remember me when it comes time to buy popcorn in September again.  Thanks to everyone who supported me this last fall.  I do hope you will buy popcorn from me again.

The Customer Letter Works

My 2011 Pre-Sales Customer Letter

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For anyone coming to my website looking for sales tips, here is one for you.  Make sure to get the names and addresses of all your popcorn customers.  Keep a database of this information and use it to send thank you letters after the end of the sale and pre-sales letters for the next year.  Here is what I sent out to my customers this year.  It is a good way to let them know how much their popcorn purchase helps Scouting and how much I appreciate it.  AND AS A BONUS…I have been told time and time again that my past customers don’t purchase from anyone else and wait for me to come and sell to them again.  This is my second year doing a pre-sales letter.  Yes, it costs a little money, but in the end it is worth it with all the added sales I get from it.  Hope this tip helps you!

So Much Fun at the Packers Game!

We decided to try our hand at a Packers game too.  It was so much fun!  The Packers fans are really nice and bought lots of popcorn from me.  We were not the first people to think of this strategy though – there were A LOT of other Scouts out selling popcorn to Packers tailgaters.  I hope they sold a bunch of popcorn too.  It all goes toward Scouting.  Thanks Green Bay!  I hope to make it back again soon.

Vikings Tailgating

We decided to try something different this year.  We went to Minneapolis to sell popcorn to Minnesota Vikings tailgaters.  It took a while to get in the groove, but it was fun when we found a good group of fans.  They especially loved my business cards!  Here are some cool pictures from our day.

Thanking My Customers

Whew!  It is a lot of work to get 464 customer letters out in the mail!!  It is very important though to let my customers know how much I appreciate how they helped me to be #1 again this year AND how they helped Cub Scouts buy buying popcorn from me.  Thanks again to everyone who made a purchase from me.  I hope to see you again next year if not sooner than that.