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    I am a 9-year old Webelo Cub Scout from Pack 498 in Rochester, MN actively in pursuit of popcorn sales. Follow my journey here and BUY SOME POPCORN (from me, of course)!

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I Made My Goal!

I had another big goal this year and with your help, I was able to achieve it!  I reached just over $10,000 in Cub Scout popcorn sales for the 2012 Fall Sale.  This is my 4th year as being #1 in Gamehaven Council.  This year the Council started a $10,000 VIP Club and I earned my way in.  I got some pretty cool rewards t00 – a club jacket, a club hat, a special trophy, and best of all…A ROBOTICS LEGO SET!!!  It was a surprise and I was SO excited when I saw it.

Gamehaven Council had a special party for all the boys in the Council that sold over $1,000 at Chuck E. Cheese’s.  It was fun to celebrate and hang out with my Cub Scout Friends.

Thanks again for all your support and stay tuned for other updates to come.


Updating My Goal Chart

Updating My Goal Chart

One of the things that helps to keep me motivated to reach my sales goal is my goal chart.  I can see each day how much I did and how much more I have to go.  It is fun to color it in and see the goal getting closer.

First Day of the 2012 Fall Sale

First Day of the 2012 Fall Sale

My customer letters have gone out in the mail and I am ready to hit the popcorn sales ground running!  I have another HUGE goal this year so root for me!  With help from mom and dad I am confident I can reach that goal.  I’ll try to keep you posted on my progress as the sales goes on.  Thanks for your support!


Using A Goal Chart

Filling Out My Goal Chart

Here’s a sales tip…Have a goal chart and use it!  It helps you to stay focused on your end target.  I love coloring it in when I get done doing my sales for the day and it’s fun to use different colors each day too!

The Customer Letter Works

My 2011 Pre-Sales Customer Letter

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For anyone coming to my website looking for sales tips, here is one for you.  Make sure to get the names and addresses of all your popcorn customers.  Keep a database of this information and use it to send thank you letters after the end of the sale and pre-sales letters for the next year.  Here is what I sent out to my customers this year.  It is a good way to let them know how much their popcorn purchase helps Scouting and how much I appreciate it.  AND AS A BONUS…I have been told time and time again that my past customers don’t purchase from anyone else and wait for me to come and sell to them again.  This is my second year doing a pre-sales letter.  Yes, it costs a little money, but in the end it is worth it with all the added sales I get from it.  Hope this tip helps you!

I’m #16!

Number 16!

Click HERE to see the listing of the top sellers of Trail’s End popcorn in 2010.  I just found out I am #5 in the Central Region and #16 in the entire country and I’m so excited!  That is out of approximately two and a half million Scouts!  Not only that, but because I was a Regional finisher, I earned an additional 6% of my sales from Trail’s End to be put in my college scholarship account.  Thanks, Trail’s End!

Scouting Report to the State

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I had an absolutely amazing day at the Minnesota state capital!  I got to attend the Scouting Report to the State as a representative of Gamehaven Council.  I was so excited to go and to meet the other Scouts who were part of this event.

We met in the morning at the Northstar Council in St. Paul and practiced what we would say when we met the officials at the capital.  In the morning, we met Senator Ted Lillie on the Senate floor and Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch.  After that it was time to meet Governor Dayton and I was very nervous.  I did great and got to relax and enjoy the rest of the day afterwards.

After that we got to have lunch in the Department of Transportation building.  From there, we met Speaker of the House Kurt Zellers.  He was really cool and let me mess with his stuff.  After meeting him, our group went on a tour of the capital (which didn’t allow us the cool entry into things like we got when meeting the officials!).

After the tour we went to the Minnesota Supreme Court and met Chief Justice Lorie Gildea.  I even got to bang her gavel!  Our last stop of the day was to stop in to see Secretary of State Mark Ritchie.  He let us make a MN state seal.

Thank you Gamehaven Council for selecting me to attend this event and have this incredible experience.