• Ethan Kronebusch ~ Popcorn Salesman

    I am a 9-year old Webelo Cub Scout from Pack 498 in Rochester, MN actively in pursuit of popcorn sales. Follow my journey here and BUY SOME POPCORN (from me, of course)!

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I Made My Goal!

I had another big goal this year and with your help, I was able to achieve it!  I reached just over $10,000 in Cub Scout popcorn sales for the 2012 Fall Sale.  This is my 4th year as being #1 in Gamehaven Council.  This year the Council started a $10,000 VIP Club and I earned my way in.  I got some pretty cool rewards t00 – a club jacket, a club hat, a special trophy, and best of all…A ROBOTICS LEGO SET!!!  It was a surprise and I was SO excited when I saw it.

Gamehaven Council had a special party for all the boys in the Council that sold over $1,000 at Chuck E. Cheese’s.  It was fun to celebrate and hang out with my Cub Scout Friends.

Thanks again for all your support and stay tuned for other updates to come.


Making Memories

Father & Son

One of the coolest things about selling popcorn each year is all the time I get to spend with my dad.  He is an awesome salesman and I learn A LOT from him!  Plus, these memories are something that will always be with me.  Thanks dad!

Rochester Ford Rocks!

Rochester Ford Logo


A huge THANK YOU to Becki and all of Rochester Ford!  Thank you so much for all of your support over the years.  I really appreciate all that you do for me to help me meet my popcorn selling goal each year.  Because of everyone over there, Scouting has raised even more money to support the program here in south eastern Minnesota.  Hope to see you again next year!

Counselor Realty Visit


Thumbs Up to Counselor!

Thumbs Up to Counselor!

Selling the Popcorn

Selling the Popcorn

Thanks so much to Joe, Amy, and team over at Counselor Realty!  I get to visit them on one of my days off from school and talk to them about Cub Scout popcorn.  They even fed me lunch!  Thanks for supporting me and Cub Scouts by inviting me in and giving me a chance to talk to your staff.  It really is fun and I appreciate it very much!

G&L Insurance Visit

G&L Insurance Visit

Thanks to Karen at G&L Insurance for contacting me to buy Cub Scout Popcorn. It was fun to visit a past customer and let her know what I’ve been up to. I appreciate your support and enjoy your popcorn!

Selling at Walmart With My Den

Selling at Walmart With My Den


Each year Pack 498 sells popcorn at the doors of Walmart north in Rochester, MN.  We have a great time together working to meet the big goal for the Pack so we can earn the Popcorn Pa-3-Za party!  This is a super fun event that my parents organize to reward the Pack for doing such and awesome job at popcorn sales.  The top sellers get treated like rock stars!  I am going to do my part to help us earn this awesome party once again.  And with my Den’s help, we can do it!  Thank you Walmart north for your support of Scouting!!

First Day of the 2012 Fall Sale

First Day of the 2012 Fall Sale

My customer letters have gone out in the mail and I am ready to hit the popcorn sales ground running!  I have another HUGE goal this year so root for me!  With help from mom and dad I am confident I can reach that goal.  I’ll try to keep you posted on my progress as the sales goes on.  Thanks for your support!