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    I am a 9-year old Webelo Cub Scout from Pack 498 in Rochester, MN actively in pursuit of popcorn sales. Follow my journey here and BUY SOME POPCORN (from me, of course)!

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I Made My Goal!

I had another big goal this year and with your help, I was able to achieve it!  I reached just over $10,000 in Cub Scout popcorn sales for the 2012 Fall Sale.  This is my 4th year as being #1 in Gamehaven Council.  This year the Council started a $10,000 VIP Club and I earned my way in.  I got some pretty cool rewards t00 – a club jacket, a club hat, a special trophy, and best of all…A ROBOTICS LEGO SET!!!  It was a surprise and I was SO excited when I saw it.

Gamehaven Council had a special party for all the boys in the Council that sold over $1,000 at Chuck E. Cheese’s.  It was fun to celebrate and hang out with my Cub Scout Friends.

Thanks again for all your support and stay tuned for other updates to come.


2011 Cub Scout Pack 498 Popcorn Sale Kickoff

My Pack is gearing up for the 2011 Cub Scout fall popcorn sale.  My dad is in charge of the sale for our Pack and will be helping all of the boys to reach their sales goals.  He gets a little goofy, but the boys like it because it makes it fun.  If we reach our Pack goal this year, we will get to have a Popcorn Pa-2-Za Party (aka the 2nd annual Popcorn Palooza Party).  I wonder what fun things we will get to do this year to celebrate our success.

The 2011 #1 Popcorn Salesman in Gamehaven Council

Ethan with Grand Champion, Weekly Top Seller, and #1 Den Awards

Ethan with Grand Champion, Weekly Top Seller, and #1 Den Awards

Wow!  What a party!!  Today we got to celebrate our Pack’s popcorn sales success.  Pack 498 ended up being the #1 Pack for popcorn sales and SMASHED their sales goal of $30,000 by selling $48,259!!  Our reward was a Popcorn Palooza Party at the newest gig in town – Chuck E. Cheese’s!

I found out at the awards ceremony that not only was I #1 in sales for our Pack and Gamehaven Council at $12,600, but I had also sold more popcorn in our Council’s history of selling popcorn!

After competing at the Pinewood Derby in the morning, the 17 boys in the $1,000 Club got picked up in a stretch Hummer limo for a fun ride around town and a stop at Culver’s for an ice cream sundae.  We were awarded with special t-shirts and pins and then dropped off for the big party at Chuck E. Cheese.

Soon I will get to meet the Governor of Minnesota and talk with him about Scouting and popcorn sales.  I am very excited about this awesome opportunity!

A lot of people and businesses helped me achieve these awards and there were many involved with the Popcorn Palooza Party.  Thanks to each and every one of you.

Here are some fun pictures of the day for you to enjoy.


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