• Ethan Kronebusch ~ Popcorn Salesman

    I am a 9-year old Webelo Cub Scout from Pack 498 in Rochester, MN actively in pursuit of popcorn sales. Follow my journey here and BUY SOME POPCORN (from me, of course)!

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Getting the Annual Customer Letters Out

Mailing Customer Letters


Each year I send out a pre-sale customer letter to all of my past customers.  This is becoming quite a process because I now have almost 700 customers from the last three years of popcorn sales.  It is time consuming and expensive (especially for an 8-year old!), but each year I find that it is worth it because people want to buy popcorn from me again and wait for me to arrive to make their purchase instead of buying from another Scout.  I also think it is very important to let people know that I appreciate them supporting Scouting and want to let them know how the money I raised goes to help Scouting.  I hope you will buy popcorn from me again this year!


Thank You Card Time

Putting the Pieces Together

2011 Thank You Letter

It is time to send out the thank you letters for all of my popcorn customers and it is quite a project.  I like to send them out after the annual Council banquet because then I know how I placed for popcorn sales.  It is nice to spread out my contacts over the year too because then maybe my customers will remember me when it comes time to buy popcorn in September again.  Thanks to everyone who supported me this last fall.  I do hope you will buy popcorn from me again.

Sending Out My Pre-Sale Letters

Prepping the Letters

The whole family gets involved with helping to sell Cub Scout popcorn.  Here is me with my brother Aiden getting my pre-sale customer letters ready to go out in the mail.  It’s always a big project (and YES, we are at Wendy’s).

Last Night Out

Tomorrow night is my Pack meeting which is the end of the in-person sales period for us so tonight was my last night out selling popcorn.  It was cold, windy, and rainy and I wasn’t too terribly excited to go out.  You may recall that I sent out some customer letters at the beginning of the sale.  I knew I needed to get out to my past customers because I told them I was going to be stopping by and I wanted to keep my word.  I did it!  I kept my word and stopped by every neighborhood and business that bought from me last year. 

I’m sorry if I may have missed you.  If you still want to purchase popcorn to support Scouting, just get in touch with me at ek@ethanpopcorn.com.  Also, you can still buy online even after October 28th!  You can go to the Trail’s End website all the way until December 20th (this is great for re-orders from this season!). 

Thank you for your support this season!  I had so much fun and raised a lot of money for Scouting!!

The Customer Letters Are Going Out

I had a lot of great customers last year who helped me to reach my sales goal.  Therefore, I decided to send them all letters right before the sale this year to let them know how much I appreciated their business and that I hope they will decide to buy popcorn from me again this year.  It was a big effort, but worth it!  I do appreciate my customers!