Last Night Out

Tomorrow night is my Pack meeting which is the end of the in-person sales period for us so tonight was my last night out selling popcorn.  It was cold, windy, and rainy and I wasn’t too terribly excited to go out.  You may recall that I sent out some customer letters at the beginning of the sale.  I knew I needed to get out to my past customers because I told them I was going to be stopping by and I wanted to keep my word.  I did it!  I kept my word and stopped by every neighborhood and business that bought from me last year. 

I’m sorry if I may have missed you.  If you still want to purchase popcorn to support Scouting, just get in touch with me at  Also, you can still buy online even after October 28th!  You can go to the Trail’s End website all the way until December 20th (this is great for re-orders from this season!). 

Thank you for your support this season!  I had so much fun and raised a lot of money for Scouting!!


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